Strawberry Verte Fig

Strawberry Verte Fig

Rooted from a cutting, source cutting James S./Greenfin, Nov 2015

Observations based on Chandler, AZ Growing conditions:

Breba Crop: Yes
Main Crop: 2-3
Vigor: Very vigorous
Production: Medium productivity

Vigorous, upright grower. Figs are green skinned with a bright ruby red interior. Dense flesh that is very ‘jammy’. Flavor is rich fig-berry flavor with definite strawberry overtones. Fig size ranges from small (size of quarter) to medium (size of half dollar). Small/medium eye.

So good, and so *consistently* good. I love these figs!

Main crop forming on SV

SV breba fig. Like with most brebas the flavor is bland compared to main crop

Breba crop forming on SV