Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Irrigation Project 2016

In 2016 I dug up my yard and installed a new drip irrigation system. My old system (before I got into fruit trees) was just two zones. And over the past few years as I started getting into fruit trees it became obvious that the original system was a) too small / undersized and b) inefficient. I was basically watering the entire yard based on the most water intensive trees requirements.

So I took advantage of my 6 zone controller and put in 6 zones. This was not an easy task because I already have a bunch of existing tree and I need to work / route around them. If I knew then what I know now I would have done this years ago when the yard was much more accessible.

But it all worked out. And labeling your lines as you go is definitely a worthwhile expenditure of effort!

All the photos below are of the line installations from ~Sep-Oct 2016:

Newly plumbed 6 zone manifold and valve system

Label your zones!!

Transition from front yard to back yard along side of house

In-line water filters! These go to my two subtropical zones. They are Chlorine and hard water filters

Backyard main trunk

Had to go around my Banana

Main trunk. Notice I added a manual shut off valve (left) to guarantee the banana does not get any winter watering

Terminal of main trunk off to the branches. It was a mess because I had the original plumbing that I wanted to work with (because some of it went where I wanted, but the rest of it didn't). So this was my tough joint :)

Deciduous and subtropical branches

Deciduous area. I have trees in the back you can't see (mulberries, apples, pluots, pomegranate). But I am adding some room up front for trees from the AZRFG bare root sale!

Lines ...

... lines ...

... and more lines

Manifold all covered up with a box

Valves all tucked in safe and snug