Firestick Cactus

Firestick Cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli)

Source plants from Lowes, Apr 2016

These are beautiful heat loving plants that turn bright orange-red in the Fall-Winter. I have them in planters on the north side of my pool (southern exposure). I used these as a beautiful heat barrier and I have my nursery area just behind these. The firesticks block the southern sun and hide a mish-mash of plants in pots.

While I love these plants and have never been bothered by them (and I have a nursery area next to them, so I am near them often) many do report mild to extremely severe allergic reactions to the sap. I do have to prune these back once a year, so I am just careful with the cuttings and the sap (wear gloves, long pants, etc.). I have gotten the sap on my arms before and I just wash it off. It has never bothered me at all, but like with everything YMMV.

Wall of firesticks protecting my nursery area

Makes tiny flowers in the spring

Makes a set of tiny 'leaves'