Friday, June 1, 2018

A Look Around the Yard

Quick look around the yard.

A look at the canopy as the sun goes down

Coffee plants with glossy new growth. Arabica and Wild Coffee (little psycho nervosa)

Lots of new growth on Tikal Sapodilla

Orange Crush Jackfruit flushing with the heat

A Barbados cherry that is red and the birds haven't got it !?!! I am a little shocked :)

Pitangatuba (Star Cherry) looking great and setting a nice amount of fruit

Pitangatuba, starting to change color

Frankincense with tons of new growth. Loving the heat.

Loquat grafts on McBeth

Cluster of mangos hanging off of Sunrise

Lots of white sapote grafts pushing. Bunch of California varieties I have never heard of from my buddy in Spring Valley.