Elite Gold Pineapple

Elite Gold Pineapple

Source plant from Florida Hill Nursery, Feb 2014

This story will be the same for Elite Gold and Kona Sugarloaf.

This poor plant. I nearly killed it (twice) and transplanted it 3 times. It never died and now is finally happy. I got this plant in 2014. It was a small tissue culture pineapple. I had it planted in full sun because I didn't know any better and it nearly died in the summer. The outer leaves were dead but there was a little life still in the center. So I pulled it out and potted it up and stuck it in my nursery and forgot about it for a year. To my surprise it recovered. So in 2016 I plant it out again, in a more protected spot. But it was evidently too much sun because in the summer of 2016 it was dying again. So... second verse same as the first (pull out of ground, pot it up in nursery, water and forget). It recovers again and in 2017, I plant it basically underneath my Meyer Lemon tree. And since then it has grown like crazy (3 ft in diameter now). I wouldn't be surprised if it flowers this year!

Moral of the story: never give up on a plant, they will usually surprise you!

AND EVEN BETTER THAN THAT: They will come back from the dead and make fruit! As of the spring 2018, this plant has a baby pineapple!

Spring 2018

Baby pineapple!!