Friday, August 23, 2019

Mango Harvest 2019

2019 was not a great year for mango production in my yard. I had way more mangos in 2018, but this winter was very harsh. As an example I got 2+ dozen mangos off my Sunrise last year. But this year I didn't even get a flower off the tree because half of it died back this winter, including all the flowering tips. But despite the setbacks, I did get some really spectacular mangos this year. Here is the roundup of production:

CultivarQuantity Produced
Bailey's Marvel1
Ice Cream13
Lemon Meringue1
Peach Cobbler3

Bowl of Ice Cream ... Mangos

A Bowl of Ice Cream ... Mangos. Yum!!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Ripe Springfels Mango

Ate my first Springfels mango from my tree today. It was very good. It is described as a pineapple flavored mango. Pineapple Pleasure is one of my favorite mangos and is very pineapple-y. Springfels is not pineapple-y in the same way. It is more like a very rich classic mango (similar richness to Edward in my opinion) but has a pineapple background complement flavor that makes it a little more refreshing than eating a classic mango.

This is a big mango, like > 1 lb. I have another on the tree still ripening that is at least 2 lb. This one is reported to have a lot of growing and ripening issues in FL, but looks like it makes very good mangos in AZ.