Springfels Mango

Springfels Mango

Source tree from GreenLife by Shamus O'Leary, March 2018

Gorgeous tree, this was a 15 gallon tree but has the trunk of a 25 gallon tree.

Ate my first Springfels mango from my tree today. It was very good. It is described as a pineapple flavored mango. Pineapple Pleasure is one of my favorite mangos and is very pineapple-y. Springfels is not pineapple-y in the same way. It is more like a very rich classic mango (similar richness to Edward in my opinion) but has a pineapple background complement flavor that makes it a little more refreshing than eating a classic mango.

This is a big mango, like > 1 lb. I have another on the tree still ripening that is at least 2 lb. This one is reported to have a lot of growing and ripening issues in FL, but looks like it makes very good mangos in AZ.

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