MarIg Fig Seedlings

MarIg Fig Seedlings

Source seeds from Igor / Greenfig (F4F and OurFigs), Oct 2015

Seedling Tree: MarIg-01
Seedling Tree: MarIg-02
Seedling Tree: MarIg-03 (DIED)
Seedling Tree: MarIg-04 (DIED)
Seedling Tree: MarIg-05 (DIED)
Seedling Tree: MarIg-06
Seedling Tree: MarIg-07
Seedling Tree: MarIg-08 (DIED)
Seedling Tree: MarIg-09 (DIED)
Seedling Tree: MarIg-10 (DIED)
Seedling Tree: MarIg-11 (DIED)
Seedling Tree: MarIg-12 (DIED)

In the fall of 2015 I received a some caprified fig seeds from Igor / greenfig. I can't go back and check my messages as to what varieties they came from (the messaging took place on the defunct Figs4Fun Forum), but I want to say they were Ronde de Bordeaux and Grantham's Royal. So I planted the seeds in my AeroGarden to sprout them. I decided to name these seedlings MarIg as a combination of our first names (Mark and Igor).

MarIg fig seeds initially sprouting

MarIg fig seedlings with some more growth

I got a bunch of seedlings to sprout, including multiples in each grow sponge in the AeroGarden. I eventually thinned out the weak ones so that I had 12 strong seedlings which I named MarIg-01 -- MarIg-12. I planted those out and put them in my nursery area in the spring of 2016.

Fig Seedlings in nursery area, spring 2016

I lost half of the seedlings in the summer of 2016. Then I lost another two in the summer of 2017. As of spring 2018, I have four seedlings left (see list above) that are all between 3 and 6 feet tall. Please see the individual pages for details.