Marseilles Black VS (MBVS) Fig

Marseilles Black VS Fig

Tree 1: Rooted cutting, source tree GardensOyVey, Aug 2015
Tree 2: Rooted from a cutting, source cutting James S./Greenfin, Nov 2015

Observations based on Chandler, AZ Growing conditions:

Breba Crop: Yes
Main Crop: 2-3
Vigor: Very vigorous
Production: Extremely productive

Tremendous fig in terms of flavor, vigor and productivity. MBVS is a Mt. Etna type fig (Hardy Chicago, Sal’s Gene, etc.) and is a characteristically strong grower. It is very popular with east coast growers because of its famous cold hardiness. However it is also a champion grower in Phoenix. Loves the heat and puts out 2‐3 crops of figs each year. Produces lots of figs even as a small tree. Summer figs are particularly excellent with a rich berry‐fig flavor. Red/purple skin with red flesh. Small/medium eye. Fig size ranges from small (size of quarter) to medium (size of half dollar). Tree tends to want to grow like a bush (lots of branching low to the ground) but can be trained to a tree form with pruning. Extremely productive.