Feijoa Seedlings

Feijoa / Pineapple Guava Seedlings

Source tree: Coolidge from La Verne (Lowes), July 2016

Source tree: Nazemetz from La Verne (Lowes), July 2016

While these are 'named' varieties that I bought from Lowes, they are seedlings. They all are. When you buy a Feijoa from La Verne, you are not getting a grafted variety. But they are healthy and pretty. The don't like AZ sun quite as much as a tropical guava, but just plant them under a guava and they deal with the summer just fine.

One of the great things about feijoas is that even if you don't like the fruit (I do like the fruit) and even if you don't think the leaves are pretty (you'd be crazy, but okay) the blooms are spectacular. And they are edible! They taste like (I am totally serious) a tropical marshmallow. You eat the petals of the flower. Man are they good!

Lovely leaves

Feijoa blooms, beautiful and delicious!