Reed Avocado

Reed Avocado

Source tree from La Verne Nursery (Lowes), Oct 2016 (Died Summer 2018)

Source tree from 9ezTropical, Mar 2019

NOTE: This tree (from La Verne) died in the heat of 2018 summer. However, I love this tree too much to give up on it. So I got another small Reed from 9ezTropical in the Spring of 2019 and I am going to baby it for a few years in my nursery. When it gets big enough I will take budwood off it and graft onto the vigorous rootstocks growing in-situ on my avocado mound.


This is my absolute favorite avocado. I have this tree in a protected spot in fairly heavy shade. I am letting it slowly acclimate to our climate and grow into the light. Of all the avocados I am trying to grow, this is the one I care about the most.

You can sometime find Reeds at Whole Foods in late Aug / early Sep. I used to get them from "Avocado Diva" (mail-order avocados from small ranches in CA) and these were the ones I most looked forward to. Here is my review of Reed avocados:

Sep 2014: My absolute favorite. Went to Whole Foods on Sep 2 and they had organic Reeds. They are such a treat. For their size (and they are huge, softball size) they ripen so evenly. Much more so than a Lamb. They don't turn black, they stay green. And even though the skin is thick there is just a little give when they are ready. The flavor is deep, complex, nutty and very avocado-y. Superb texture very creamy but not all all mushy, no stringiness. I love them. The ones that Avocado Diva sent were much smaller (but still very large by avocado standards) but still just as good flavor and eating-wise. These make me so happy :). I fell in love with these avocados in 2013 and eating them again in 2014 did not disappoint. Definitely not a case where the memory is better than reality. This avocado is that standard against which I measure all others.

Apr 2018: about 4 ft tall in the shade