Salem Dark Fig

Salem Dark Fig

Tree from rooted cutting, Source cutting from FiggyFrank (F4F Forum), Dec 2015

Observations based on Chandler, AZ Growing conditions:

Breba Crop: Yes
Main Crop: 2+
Vigor: low-med vigor
Production: med productivity

I got this cutting from FiggyFrank based on his recommendation (I bought a lot of cuttings from him on the defunct F4F forum). I have been rough with this tree, transplanted it twice, and have it planted in a not-full-sun location. So it hasn't fruited for be yet. But it is getting established now and I wouldn't be surprised if I got fruit off it this year.

And now I have. The breba crop was dry and gross, but I attribute this to the size of the tree (it is still quite small). The first main crop figs however are another story. I still can't decide if they are simply interesting or if I really love them. They are making my tastebuds do a lot of thinking. The flavor is very light. It looks like a dark berry fig, and that is what you expect when you eat it, but that is not what you get! Not only does it not taste like a dark berry fig, it tastes only vaguely fig-like. The main flavor that I get is a fruitiness that is very hard to describe. Very different and good. I am interested to see how the 2nd main crop tastes, whether they are different or similar to this flavor profile.

Salem Dark - main crop #1

Salem Dark main 2018

Salem Dark breba 2018

Spring growth 2018