Red Lady Dwarf Pomegranate

Red Lady Dwarf Pomegranate

Source plants from Florida Hill Nursery, Spring 2014

These are gorgeous little pomegranate bushes. I have actually moved these around the yard twice, and if you do it in spring and cut them back at the top, they don't mind being barerooted and do transplant well. I use these as a border plant. They grow well (but not fast) in full sun, or even better: the dreaded AZ western exposure. They have beautiful pomegranate foliage, but very tight internode spacing (true dwarf). They are very easy to prune, shape and maintain like a bonsai. They are *always* covered in flowers, and the hummingbirds absolutely love them.

As far as fruit quality ... meh. Fruits are small, they have very low sweetness. They are extremely tart and pretty bitter. And the seeds are rock hard. So you are not growing them for fruit production. But the ripe fruits are exceptionally well colored, and look like little ornaments. A very beautiful (and beneficial for hummingbirds) border plant.

Used as a border plant along the western sides of my large potted mangos on my pool fence

New flowers alongside winter fruit