Strawberry and Lemon Guava

Cattley Guavas, Strawberry and Lemon (Psidium cattleyanum)

Source tree: Strawberry Guava from La Verne (Lowes), July 2016

Source tree: Lemon Guava from La Verne (Lowes), July 2016

These are lovely plants, and they take an abuse. I have transplanted both of these twice. They do not like the full AZ sun and cannot tolerate it like a tropical guava. My experience is that they are about as sensitive as a feijoa / pineapple guava. They like to be more of an understory tree and grow into the sun. The leaves are beautiful, smaller and shiny. And I really like the fruit. Spicier and more tart than a tropical guava. I have had fruit off both my strawberry guava and my lemon guava. And while the color is different, the taste is nearly identical.