Petite Negra Fig

Petite Negra Fig

Source tree from BayFlora Nursery (sold as Violette de Bordeaux), Apr 2013

Observations based on Chandler, AZ Growing conditions:

Breba Crop: Yes
Main Crop: 2-3
Vigor: Low vigor, dwarf growing habit
Production: Extremely productive

Petite Negra (and Violette de Bordeaux) are figs with a lot of confusion. Many fig growers in other parts of the country say that Violette de Bordeaux == Petite Negra (and is often lumped in with Vista). And in fact the source tree from BayFlora was also sold as a Violette de Bordeaux. However based on growing Violette de Bordeaux from two different sources (BayFlora and Harvey C./Figaholics) it seems clear that these are different figs and that the fig from BayFlora is Petite Negra and does in fact have a very different growth habit.

The fruit description for both figs (Petite Negra and Violette de Bordeaux) are virtually identical: Small figs (about the size of a quarter) with dark purple skin and a deeply red / almost purple flesh. Fig is extremely sweet but also has acid to balance. Has a very full rich flavor. The flavor is complex (think about how a good red wine has a lot of flavor characteristics) with berry notes, particularly raspberry. Eye is very small, but not closed. However the tree growth rate on the VdB is very fast/vigorous comparted to PN which is very small and compact. Both varieties are extremely productive. PN in particular set several main crops and even produces a breba crop in the spring.

If you want a fig with this flavor profile, but want a dwarf-ish fig: choose Petite Negra. If you want a more vigorous tree: choose Violette de Bordeaux.

Another excellent main crop from Petite Negra

Petite Negra forming a breba crop

Petite Negra breba fig

Petite Negra breba fig interior

Petite Negra forming a main crop

Petite Negra main crop

Petite Negra main crop fig harvest