Violette de Bordeaux Fig

Violette de Bordeaux Fig

Tree from rooted cutting, Source cutting from harveyc / figaholics, Jan 2016

Observations based on Chandler, AZ Growing conditions:

Breba Crop: No
Main Crop: 2-3
Vigor: med-high vigor
Production: med-high productivity

I started this VdB as a cutting from Harvey. I know that many people say VdB and Petite Negra are the same. I don't believe they are. See my page for Petite Negra. The leaves are the same and the fruit is the same, but the growth habit is much different. Anyways, it is a fantastic fig. You should grow one (either Petite Negra or VdB, you are good either way).

Apr 2018: VdB after a severe winter pruning. Already responding to the heat with quick growth.