Angie Mango

Angie Mango

Source tree from Top Tropicals, Dec 2017

Okay, this one will be a surprise result.

When you think of a top-tier mango, Angie is not one that springs to mind. Some Florida growers are keen on it, but most think is a good to very good mango, but not a great mango. And I have had Angies from FL from two different sources. And my opinion is the same: good mango, not great mango.

So my expectations were not very high when this fruited in 2018.

.... boy, were my expectations way off!! Maybe it was just the crazy heat that we had in 2018, but the mango that this tree produced was nothing short of spectacular. In fact, what it reminded me of was the Alphonso mangos from Devgad (that I would get via mangozz). It was truly that good.

I want to see if the mangos it produces in 2019 live up to the example it set in 2018. Sounds like a delicious challenge :)

Angie mango from 2018, and it was spectacular

Tree spring of 2018