Pakistan Mulberry

Pakistan Mulberry

Source trees from La Verne Nursery (Lowes) and LE Cooke (AZRFG), 2016

Very fast growing tree in AZ, takes full summer sun, provides canopy / protection for other trees, makes huge beautiful green trees and it makes mulberries!

So here's the deal ... mulberries are delicious. Everybody likes them, including the birds. So you will find a lot of half-eaten mulberries on the trees or often on the ground. Mulberries stain. Some people object to the staining on sidewalks. But *NEWS FLASH* ummm... just plant them in your back yard.

Anyways, I am here to sing the praises of mulberries. It creates microclimate, feeds birds, and feeds you. The trees get big. Let the birds eat the mulberries in the top half of the tree (that you can't reach anyways) and you will have mulberries from the bottom. (i.e. stop complaining about birds eating your fruit, after 2 years there will be more than enough fruit for everybody).

Pakistan mulberries are very long and very sweet. I find that Pakistan mulberries are vaguely 'berry' flavored (unlike Shangri Li, which tastes almost exactly like a blackberry) but have a very sweet floral component to the flavor profile. They are very distinctive tasting, and really one of my favorites.

Spring growth

More spring growth

Makes for a tall tree (background middle)

Left is almost fully ripe fruit, and right is fruit the birds got to first. Everybody love mulberries!