Lemon Zest Mango

Lemon Zest Mango

Source tree from Shamus O'Learys Tropical Fruit Trees, Aug 2016

Graft: Sweet Tart, source scion from George S. / dongeorgio, Oct 2016

Vigorous mango, fairly long internodes, wants to grow upright. Tree would be larger now if it was in full sun, but it is planted near/under a Brazilian Pepper tree in my subtropical area. So where it is planted it leans forward a bit to reach for some more light. But has beautiful red foliage in the spring, and dark green the rest of the year. Lemon Zest has a relatively narrow leaf width compared to its length, and has characteristically wavy leaf edges. I have also grafted Sweet Tart onto this tree.

Lemon Zest

New growth on Lemon Zest