Floridaprince Peach

Floridaprince Peach

Source tree from Dave Wilson Nursery (A&P Mesa), Sep 2014

Floridaprince is vigorous (I have actually moved it in yard... twice, don't ask) very early blooming (January is typical), self-fruitful, and productive. It makes a huge number of large early peaches. I really love the flavor, very bright sweet-tart peachy flavor. However, if you want to eat them when they are very soft and sweet, you need to pick them and let them ripen on the counter. Because the birds love them. Tree puts out so much fruit that you need to thin them (2, maybe 3 times in the spring) if you want racquet ball -- baseball sized peaches (otherwise, they will be golf ball sized without thinning).

This one is 1-2 days from being ready to pick!

Fruit March 2018, not ready yet

Tree in its 'final' location.