Monday, May 13, 2019

Mid-May Update

Lots of fun stuff in the yard right now:

Little Psycho Nervosa Wild Coffee. Did great all winter (no defoliation) and nice spring growth

Coffee Flowers!

Beautifully ripe Black Star Surinam Cherry next to an unripe one

Gorgeous red growth flush on Marcus Pumpkin avocado

Tahitian pummelo! Second year of fruiting for me. Right now they are tennis ball size but when ripe will be the size of a women's basketball

Lots of baby mangos all over the yard. Jaqueline on the left and Cac on the right in this pic.

Floridaprince. Already harvested a few dozen. Still plenty left on the tree for us and the birds.

Apricots ripening up

Tons of figs all over the yard. In this pic: Genovese Nero (AF) in the front and Ronde de Bordeaux in the back

Black Maderia graft is pushing and looking good! Grafted onto Black Jack.

Grapes .... lots of grapes

Pomegranate is still flowering like crazy

Finish out with a pic of a pretty poppy.