Genovese Nero (AF) Fig

Genovese Nero (AF) Fig

Graft onto Frankenfig #1, scion from harveyc / figaholics, Jan 2018

Graft onto Frankenfig #3, scion from harveyc / figaholics, Jan 2018

DIED SUMMER 2019: Frankenfig #1 died in 2018. But the graft on Frankenfig #3 gave wonderful fruit. But in the Summer of 2019, the rootstock decided it did not like the branch and eventually it completely died.

Observations based on Chandler, AZ Growing conditions:

Breba Crop: ???
Main Crop: at least 1
Vigor: ??? vigor (too early to tell)
Production: med-high productivity (large fig density on the new growth from the graft)

Reportedly an excellent fig. ... and I can confirm the reports. This is a truly excellent fig. Dark berry fig, with definite fig and berry flavors. And like with all my favorite figs, they are not too sweet. There is a lot of complexity and nuance to the flavor profile, much like with Petite Negra / Violette de Bordeaux. But with VdB, the complexity is in the fruit flavors. Genovese Nero has its complexity in the richness. It almost reminds me of caramel. Sweet and rich they way caramel is (the homemade stuff, not the stuff you get in candy bars) but with a lot of nuance in flavor from the darkened sugar. This fig is making me think about it in a similar way. Excellent fig!!

Main crop from Genovese Nero (AF)

Spring 2018, Graft onto Frankenfig #3 forming figs