Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Moringa Airlayering Experiment, part 2

This is follow up to Moringa Airlayering Experiment, part 1

It has been a month so it is time to check the air layer experiment. Here is what the branch looks like on the tree. Look how much the moringa has leafed / branched out in just a month.

Airlayer May 2019

I cut the branch off the tree and put it on the ground so I could get a look at it.

Branch is about 15 feet tall

Opened up the airlayer ball .... nada. No roots and nothing that looks like root initials.

No roots. Air layer not successful

As a point of comparison, I did a Fig air layer about a week after I started this moringa air layer and the fig air layer is already full of roots. The temperature has been perfect over the last month for air layering. So if it was ever going to work, it should have worked in the last month.

So even though the air layering experiment was not successful, I cut the branch to 6 ft tall and stuck it in a pot. It will likely root (morningas root fairly easily). But this is why we experiment :)