Monday, April 1, 2019

Moringa Airlayering Experiment, part 1

I have been looking around for information on airlayering moringa and found very little information. So I am giving it a shot myself.

Why bother airlayering morninga? I mean (in our heat at least) it goes from a seed planted in May to an 8-10 ft tree by October. But I am one of those 'what the hell' kind of guys. So... what the hell.

I trim back my morningas very hard each spring. Taking it from a 20-25 ft tree down to a 8-10 ft tree. But this year I left one of the vertical branches for an airlayer experiment. You can see in the image below where I hard pruned it two weeks ago, and the tree has already put out 6 inches of new growth. These guys are crazy :)

Moringa airlayer experiment, part 1

I will check back in a month to see if any roots have formed.