Wax Jambu

Wax Jambu / Wax Jamboo / Java Apple (Syzygium samarangense)

Source tree from Top Tropicals, May 2017 (DIED)

I have (likely had) a large Wax Jambu in a 15 gallon pot. Grew great all summer and was a 6+ ft tall x 4 ft tree by the end of summer. I had this in a pot so that I could move it to a protected location during the winter. It defoliated even in the protected spot (which I expected). Then by mid-Feb the winter had finished up (but was a fakeout) and by the third week a Feb we were in the 90s, so it started to bud out. Then we got that crazy cold front the last week of Feb and it killed all the new growth even in the protected spot. As of late Apr 2018 it has not woken up again, and I doubt that it will.

May 2018: Yep, definitely dead. :(