Aravaipa Avocado

Aravaipa Avocado

Source tree from Shamus O'Learys Tropical Fruit Trees, Apr 2016

DIED SUMMER 2019/20: Finally bit the dust.

I spoke way too soon about Aravaipa being a clear winner for AZ summers. The summer of 2017 was relatively mild (by AZ standards, but still very hot!) and the Aravaipa did great and grew to 10+ ft tall by Spring of 2018. But in 2018 we had a very brutal summer and the Aravaipa got torched. It kept losing branch after branch in the July heat, which led to the trunk getting sunburned. And once that happened it started going downhill very fast. As of April 2019 all that is left is a 2 ft stump with a 1.5" diameter trunk and a few buds with leaves. But I highly doubt it is going to recover. There are other Florida cultivars are faring very well with the heat and I am finding seeds planted in-situ on my avocado mound from FL avocados are doing very well.

Spring 2018: Sad Aravaipa stump after the summer of 2018


(from Spring 2018)

For dealing with AZ summers, Aravaipa is the clear winner. I have killed many (at least 6) avocados by not giving them proper protection / care. But this tree is now 10-12 ft tall and 6-8 ft wide and has made it though two summers here. So I am finally figuring them out. But even knowing how to give avocados what they need (I have several in this area of my yard), Aravaipa handles the heat much better than the others.

First, avocados need overhead canopy. I have a large moringa planted on the southwest side of the Aravaipa. It gives overhead protection from about 10:30 am to 2:00 pm. So this tree gets only morning sun and afternoon sun. I also have it planted on a mound made (primarily) of compost. So it has plenty of food and drainage. Mulch is a must. And daily watering during summer is another must.

Tree has not fruited for me yet, but it is certainly reaching the size where it could hold fruit.

Looking up at the new growth at the top of the tree, Mar 2018